FIFA World Cup 2018 Sponsors: FIFA Official Sponsorship Rules & List (FIFA 2018 Partners)

FIFA World Cup 2018 Sponsors: The tournament is about to start and brings all the excitement among the die-hard football fans. FIFA World Cup sponsors 2018 have been finished, but many more sponsors are approaching the authorities for FIFA 2018 sponsorship. Earlier, there were hardly any big sponsors who were interested in investing in the tournament and FIFA was facing a tough time. But now, a number of sponsors have come up and shown interest. Let us learn more about them.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Partners

This sporting event will be live telecasted in 200 countries and is going to be the biggest FIFA event ever. The billions of people will be watching FIFA World Cup Live streaming while sitting at their home while a number of them will book FIFA 2018 tickets to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live from the stadium. The sponsors will get a big boost from this event. This is why a number of big companies have shown interest in sponsoring the event.

The topmost FIFA World Cup 2018 official sponsors are Adidas, Coco Cola, Wanda, Hyundai, Gazprom, Kia Motors, Qatar Airways, and VISA. These are some of the sponsors who have the major shores in FIFA World Cup sponsorship 2018. This is going to be a big event and every hoarding in the stadium will have their names.FIFA World Cup 2018 Sponsors

2018 FIFA World Cup Sponsors

The above mentioned were the official partners of FIFA who will have the major contribution in the event and will be given more priorities. FIFA will have 6-8 major partners for this even and 6-8 major sponsors for the event. There would be around 20 regional sponsors for the FIFA world Cup event as said by the officials. The official sponsors FIFA world Cup 2018 include the names McDonald’s, VIVO, Hisense, Budweiser, Mengniu, and few other will be included in the list.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Regional Sponsors

There will be around 20 regional sponsors of FIFA 2018 from major continents like Europe, North/Central America, Africa/Middle East, Asia, and South America. They will have the role in promoting the event in their regions with their logos or other assets. This FIFA Sponsorship structure will continue for FIFA world Cup 2022 as well.

Moreover, there will be 6 more national sponsors in every region who will be promoting the event. They will the FIFA world Cup national supporters. If any company wants to become the sponsor then it can send their queries to [email protected]. After getting the reply, they can connect for the procedure. If anyone wants to include their name on the list FIFA world Cup partners 2018, then they can also send the email.

The Bottom Line

FIFA world Cup 2018 is going to kick start soon with an opening ceremony and first match that will be played between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia. Get ready o experience the thrill with the Football world cup on cards shortly.

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