FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Uruguay Mascot Revealed

The Official Mascot for Its FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Uruguay 2018 was Shown on 7 June as a young capybara Called Capi.

An enthusiastic Uruguayan U-17 women’s team attended this interesting event.

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Mascot Name

Capi is a wonderful 17-year old. In accord with this capybara’s social character, she loves to be part of a team, particularly her soccer team, in which she can leverage all of her athletic and aggressive potentials. Her striking looks with her fair and sporty character make her a perfect ambassador for this championship. Her features are a manifestation of those values that FIFA wants to promote one of the young girls participating in the championship, in addition to one of the audiences.

What is the Meaning of FIFA Women’s U-17 World Cup 2018 Mascot?

Her title is a play on words involving the selected animal (capybara) and also capitana (i.e. female ruler in Spanish). It’s also inspirational because the captain is a role model for the group, an optimistic pioneer, that puts the team , which perfectly exemplifies Capi’s character.FIFA U-17 WOmen's World Cup 2018

Where is U-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup 2018

Before kick-off, Capi visited different regions of the historical arena, had her picture taken with audiences and then went to the pitch to fulfill equally Uruguayan World Cup teams (the feminine gamers had only arrived from a month of prep from China PR), revealing her excitement and inspirational national pride in Uruguay since the host nation of this contest.

Powerful and happy, Capi is an ambassador for young soccer lovers and she’s excited about meeting them during the entire year at several places In Uruguay, for example, colleges. She symbolizes positivity and hopes also enhances the attractiveness of soccer. She’s a pioneer and an inspiration, and we’re convinced that she’ll keep inspiring the centuries in the future and also invite them to play soccer.”

Additional info about the qualified nations, draw effect, fit schedule and ticketing is available here.

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