[Full Match Coverage] Egypt vs Uruguay Live Streaming Information – 15th June 2018

Egypt vs Uruguay Live Streaming Information – The biggest extravaganza of the football, the FIFA World Cup is back again. This edition of the Football World Cup will be played in Russia and the second match of the tournament is going to be played between the surprise entrants from Middle East Egypt and South American Giants Uruguay.

Egypt vs Uruguay Live Streaming Info: Where will be the Match Played?

The match will be played in the Central Stadium Yekaterinburg on the 15th of June, 2018. The match is an early kickoff according to the local time, but as per IST, it will begin at 5:30 PM in the evening. The action can be watched live from the stadium or on TV.

Best Known Players in the Teams

Uruguay is a really good side with some World-renowned players on their side. The likes of Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani are really popular and will carry Uruguay on their backs. For Egypt, Mohamed Salah is their star player. The Egypt team is built around Salah and they’ll hope that he delivers the goods. So, catch out the live action and see who all are performing in the match. YOu can even check out the live scores on the mobile app.

Uruguay vs Egypt – Winner Prediction

This will be a really equal match. But Uruguay has a long history in this tournament and is quite experienced whereas Egypt is newcomers. Uruguay will face a big fight from the Egyptians but they should overcome the odds and emerge victorious as per our predictions.

The Bottom Line

This encounter is going to be exciting. This is the second match of football soccer world cup which will be played in the soils of Russian country. The football enthusiasts have already booked the tickets for this grand event and it is the time for you to book your seats. Though you have the option to watch the live telecast of the match on TV, watching it directly from the stadium will be great.

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