2.4 Million Extra Tickets Allocated for Sale on FIFA.com/Tickets for Football World Cup 2018

With only a few days to go until the opening game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in Russia, FIFA will affirm that 2,403,116 tickets have been allocated to football fans all around the world since sales started in September 2017. Most of them have gone into Russian lovers (871,797), followed by enthusiasts from the USA (88,825), Brazil (72,512), Colombia (65,234), Germany (62,541), Mexico (60,302), Argentina (54,031), Peru (43,583), China (40,251), Australia (36,359) and England (32,362) — the top-ten nations from overseas. International demand balances for 54%. Since last-minute earnings are ongoing until 15 July, these amounts are subject to change.

Extra tickets available on FIFA.com/tickets on 8 June

In accordance with the ticket sales structure and based on FIFA’s efforts to create as many tickets as possible available right to soccer fans, over 100,000 tickets, which have been previously reserved for additional FIFA section groups, will be made available at FIFA.com/tickets onto a first-come, first-served foundation on 8 June, 23:00 Moscow time (22:00 Central European Time). This worries tickets for all matches and includes category 4 tickets, which are exclusively reserved for Russian citizens, for selected games. Fans are advised to place their orders as soon as tickets go on sale as the high requirement is expected and tickets are likely to market very quickly.

On account of the possibility of tickets being constantly resold through FIFA.com/tickets, tickets for specific matches, which at some stage could be inaccessible, may possibly become accessible again.

Tickets for seats with partially blocked view readily available for sale for Russian citizens

Because of the overwhelming interest from the 2018 FIFA World Cup and in line with previous editions of the competition, an additional inventory of tickets for seats with a partially blocked view will also be made readily available for purchase at FIFA.com/tickets on 8 June, 23:00 MSK. These tickets will be available for Russian citizens simply, at a special discounted price of 50% of the cost to get a CAT4 ticket to the various match.

Tickets for seats using a partially blocked view is going to have a limited sight of this pitch of around 50%. These tickets could be found anywhere within the stadium blocks and, as with the other tickets they cannot be traded for other seats.FIFA World Cup 2018 Ticket Sale

Visa is the official payment services partner of FIFA. To find out more about payment methods, please click here.

Ticket transfer and resale

A special ticket transport and the resale platform were established at FIFA.com/tickets, allowing ticket holders to change guests and resell their tickets in view of the policies. FIFA reminds all buffs that main ticket applicants can’t move their own tickets but can move them out of their guests into other guests. Additional information can be found here.

FIFA.com/tickets — the sole official source

Given the remarkable level of attention from all over the world, FIFA wants to remind all soccer fans that FIFA.com/tickets is the sole official and legitimate website on which to buy 2018 FIFA World Cup tickets. Tickets obtained from any other source will be automatically canceled identified and won’t entitle the ticket holder to get the stadium or to any refund or other payment.

FIFA regards the illicit sale and distribution of tickets as a serious problem and in collaboration with local governments, including consumer protection agencies in many countries, strives to identify and curb unauthorized ticket sales. As a result, a range of unauthorized online ticket purchase offers via sites and on social websites in various countries are removed lately.

Special access tickets

FIFA has also made an allocation of tickets available for handicapped people and people with limited mobility in accord with the number of special entry chairs available from the 12 stadiums. To learn more, please click here.

At the request of the Russian government, all fans attending games at the 2018 FIFA World Cup need to apply for some FAN ID — the official identity document issued to enthusiasts. Fans are encouraged to use for this free record as soon as possible after they’ve received their ticket verification email.

A FAN ID and a valid ticket are required for fans to be able to input the 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums. Possessing a FAN ID gives enthusiasts added benefits and services provided by the host nation, for example, visa-free entry to the Russian Federation, particular free inter-host city travel and free use of public transport on match days. For additional details, please visit www.fan-id.ru.

FIFA doesn’t assume any liability or responsibility concerning the application, issue and/or use of FAN IDs.

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